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Catherine Evel, Accredited Mortgage Professional

Get expert mortgage advice from someone that has been brokering since 1999.

" Catherine’s attention to detail, client focus and professionalism are second to none…"

Whether you're a first time homebuyer, an experienced real estate investor, or a homeowner looking to access equity through refinancing or adding a secured line of credit – we've got you covered.

Have confidence knowing you’re working with an experienced mortgage professional.
We’ll walk you through the mortgage process step-by-step. Working with us is simple and convenient.
There is no cost for our services. Leverage our years of experience and mortgage expertise for free.


"Catherine has done the mortgages on my properties for >10 years. Her guidance has helped us reduce our costs and enjoy awesome results."

Experienced and Efficient

Many Years of Experience

Fast Approvals

Our Service Is Free

We've been doing mortgages since 1999. Mortgage financing is our specialty and it's what we do day in and day out.

We are paid by the lender, and only after your mortgage funds. Take advantage of our experience and expertise for free.

Approvals often back within 24 - 48 hours. We work quickly and keep you informed along the way.

Feel Confident

No Headaches

Save You Time

Have confidence knowing you're working with someone with years of experience. We have every incentive to make you very happy.

We do all the legwork for you and walk you through the mortgage process step-by-step. You can relax knowing your best interests are being looked after.

We'll shop the market for you, answer all of your questions, and explain everything thoroughly. Working with us is simple and convenient.

About Homestead Financial

9 Franklin Street PO Box 1305
Waterdown, Ontario, L0R 2H0
(905) 690-6834

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Homestead Financial is a franchise of Dominion Lending Centers and is owned and operated by accredited mortgage professional Catherine Evel.

Catherine has been doing mortgages since 1999. Before entering the world of mortgages she was Small Business Account Manager with CIBC, and previous to that owned a small business in another industry. She started Homestead Financial in 2009 and has been recognized in the top 75 Canadian Mortgage Brokers list most years since.

Anywhere in Ontario

Wherever You Live in Ontario - We Can Help.

We Service Clients All Across Ontario

Our office is located in Waterdown, Ontario - but that doesn't stop us from helping people all over Ontario with their financing needs.

We can do the entire mortgage process without you even having to leave your home.  When it comes to sending us documents, you can send by fax or scan and email them to us.  Simple and secure.

Local? If so, feel free to stop by our location to meet in person.

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More Reasons to Choose Us

We Have Access to More Products.

While the banks can only offer you their own mortgage products, we have access to hundreds of options from Canada’s largest banks, credit unions, trust companies, and financial institutions.


We'll Walk You through the Mortgage Process.

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial dreams, providing excellent customer service, and saving you thousands in the process.


Our Services Are Completely Free to Use.

The lender pays us based on the volume we send them only after the mortgage funds. You can enjoy confidence and security in knowing that we will get you the right mortgage for your needs.


Mortgage Financing Is Our Specialty.

All we do is mortgage financing and we've seen almost every scenario you could imagine. Catherine has been mortgage brokering since 1999.


We Can Cater to Self-Employed Borrowers.

Getting financing when you're self employed can be tough. It's easy with us.


We Can Cater to People with Credit Blemishes.

If you've had credit issues in the past and won’t qualify for ‘A’ lending, you still have options. We will listen to your story and find a way to make it work that makes sense.


Our Business Is Built on Referrals

Because we heavily rely on referrals to grow our business, you can have confidence that our sole focus is to make you a very satisfied customer.

Is It the Right Time to Get a Mortgage?

There is an amazing opportunity right now to save money on your mortgage with historically low interest rates.

Speak with an expert today. Whether your goal is to purchase a home, refinance into a new low rate, or take advantage of your upcoming renewal date. We'll listen to your goals and find a mortgage product that is perfect for you and will save you the most money.

Rates are at historic lows and it will not stay like this forever. Act now!

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"We loved our experience with your company! Would highly recommend you to anyone looking! So much more useful than going through the bank!"    - Ashley Corp & Danny Allaire-Girard

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